Nobu Restaurant - Japanese at a High Price


It was restaurant week and we picked Nobu to be one of the restaurant to visit.  If you never heard of restaurant week, then you are losing out.  See this post for more information. 

Nobu had a modern Asian feel.  The atmosphere was nice but it does tend to get loud near the center of the restaurant.  We ordered Seared Salmon with AntiCucho Sauce and Tenderloin Beef with Wasabi Pepper Sauce for the entrées, California Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll for the sides, and Chocolate Royale and Lemon Tofu Cake for dessert.  The salmon was seared to perfection but I found the sauce to not be a good compliment.  The beef tenderloin was awesome though.  The beef was so soft we could cut it with a fork.  The wasabi sauce enhanced the flavor of the beef.  The California roll was normal but the spicy tuna roll was excellent.  The tuna had the right amount of spice and a smooth texture.  But we agreed that the chocolate royale was a great dismount to the performance of the night.  It was creamy, rich, and flavorful.  The sensation it left on my tongue was exquisite.  I almost didn't want to swallow.  All in all it was totally worth it to go for restaurant week but I don't think the price would be right for any other normal dinner.  I did feel that the waiter was not too happy about us newbies eating at his restaurant for the fixed price dinner though.  We didn't get that welcome feeling like we normally do at high class restaurant.  The rest of the staff was awesome though and we felt welcome by them.  Maybe it was just a bad day for him.  So would we go back?  Probably but in a couple of years.  Or maybe next restaurant week.