MasterGrill Brazilian Buffet

imageWent to eat at the MasterGrill at the Firewheel Town Center last night and frankly I was a little disappointed. Even though it had 16 different cuts of meat to choose from, the meat themselves were mostly over cooked and even more salty than Fogo de Chao or Rafain. They had the usual sets of meat but the most notable are the bacon wrap filet mignon, garlic picanha, and sweet beef. Of course my favorite is the sweet beef. Sweet beef are tender beef cubes marinated in a juicy brown sauce and brushed with a honey like glaze. The price for dinner runs about $34 with 18% tip. That's actually not bad compared to Fogo de Chao at close to $50.

Would I recommend this Brazilian steak house? Probably not as long as Rafain is still around. Just writing this makes me want to go back to Rafain for their lunch meat buffet.

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