Da Won vs. Chef Hsu

And the winner is... Sorry, it's a tie. Maybe because Chef Hsu is not a full fledge Chinese restaurant. It's owned by Koreans after all. Each of these restaurants serve different menus so it was hard to judge. In the end, I ended up ordering from both. I ordered Kalbi (short-ribs) and Kimchi soup from Da Won and Cha-Jang Myun (Korean black bean noodles) from Chef Hsu. I think the Kalbi was better than the Korean Garden on Coit and Park. But I still like the Kimchi soup at Korean Garden more than Da Won. The Cha-Jang Myun was very good. The black bean was rich in flavor and the noodles were very fresh. It also had stewed beef in the black bean sauce. As for the Kalbi, the meat was thick and juicy and easily falls of the bones. In the future, I will try out the Sweet and Sour Beef by Chef Hsu.

Da Won and Chef Hsu is located in the new Korean Grocery Store on the Southeast corner of Spring Creek Parkway and Custer Rd.

Update: The sweet and sour beef from Chef Hsu is not bad at all. I ask them to separate the sweet and sour sauce though because that tends to cause the crispy beef to get soggy. The sweet and sour beef was on the pricier side at $10 but I think it is worth it for the amount they give you and how good it tastes. Last time I ordered this, the meat was tender with a crispy shell. I bought my own sweet and sour dipping sauce which made this entree totally awesome.

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